Gabby Parker is a strong young woman who does what she can to help her dad since her mother died.  The bond between them grows despite the fact that Gabby spends most of her time in college and with friends and hides aspects of her life from her father. 

Gabby fights for her life and her sanity when she’s kidnapped by a group of religious fanatics known as The Right Hand of God.  While Gabby does what she can to keep it together, the group torments her as they try to convince her that she was sent there by her father.

Gus Parker and his best friend Frank use whatever means necessary to find Gabby and rescue her from the demented group.   Secrets are revealed during a daring rescue attempt that threatens to destroy the Parker family. 

A cosmic event has brought death and destruction to planet Earth. The landscape has changed. Only a small portion of the human race has survived and now they face a new threat. 

Before Dr. Mark Stone retired from the Center for Disease Control, his final assignment was to move all samples of viruses and bacteria to a top secret facility in Nashville, TN—a facility strictly off the books to avoid terrorists from stealing potentially deadly diseases. The building was secured, but no one could have foretold of the massive earthquakes, floods, meteors, and tornadoes that rip the planet apart. The vials are broken, mixing and leaking into the heart of Nashville, infecting what few survivors exist.  Now that the bacteria have bonded and mutated, they are face with real life zombies. 

The CDC calls on one of the few surviving men with the knowledge to help them treat and contain the situation but Mark has problems of his own. 

Can he get his nanotech up and running before the human race is finally erased from the planet, or will he run out of time?


The life of a hitwoman isn’t what she presumed…

Mercy settles in a small town in Alabama as she tries to put the pieces of her life back together and deal with the irreparable damage to her brain. With every kill, she sleeps a little better, but something inside her is definitely broken.

Seeing the warning signs…

Special Agent Murphy Morgan keeps tabs on Mercy, against the wishes of her partner and a direct order from the Director. Morgan, however, is convinced Mercy is about to snap.

Who will win this battle of wits? Will Morgan bag a serial killer before she starts or will Mercy always be one step ahead?


When an Amish community is targeted by a murderer, they have no choice but to go against tradition and call for help. The Amish are less than thrilled with the FBI sends agents Lizbeth Dawson and Matt Silva to solve the case.

The agents arrive to find no evidence, a less than cooperative community and a lack of women’s rights that sends Liz reeling.

Frustrated by the Amish and their secrecy, the agents are thrilled when a woman, Sarah, who escaped the Amish way of life, comes to their aide. Sarah arrives with more information than the agents can handle as they discover a circle of violence that shocks the seasoned agents.

When long held secrets are revealed, the motive is discovered, an entire community is at risk, and so are the agents. The only question remains if they will capture the killer, or if the killer will outsmart them.

Mercy Conall’s life is about to change forever…
when her neighbors find her dog dead in the yard, and Mercy broken and battered on her living room floor. She’s always been quiet and kind. Who could have done this to her and why?

Special Agents Murphy Morgan and Jack Shaw are called in by the Chicago Police Department…
by Miranda Bosley, who thinks they may have a serial rapist in their area.

But when Mercy starts to change, Morgan becomes suspicious. Who is the criminal and who is the victim?

Abby Remington has been locked up in a mental institution twice for suicide attempts she doesn't recall. She’s not allowed to see her only surviving blood relative, her little sister Rachael.  While she's been deemed incompetent, her step-siblings, Cam and Brit, pilfer her fortune and keep her prisoner.

A doctor, who believes her delusions and hallucinations may be real, helps free Abby and Rachael from the clutches of their devious step-family.  There's a price to pay for freedom as the Abby and her little sister soon discover when Cam and Brit kidnap Rachael and sell her off to a mobster.

Abby discovers the true nature of her suicide attempts. She has to do everything she can to save Rachael, her own sanity, and their fortunes from the clutches of their malevolent step-siblings. Help comes from an unlikely ally, but does it come in time?

Blood may be thicker than water, but family isn’t necessarily who you’re related to. In this suspenseful mystery with a romantic twist, we follow Private Investigator Michelle Mott on her most exciting case to date. 

Wisecracking Mott has been a loner since her parents died. When Daniel Cardinale walks into her office with her most interesting case yet, his world threatens to turn hers upside down. He needs her to find out who is sending him anonymous money and what the truth is behind his dead fiancé’s demise.

If his case weren’t complicating her life enough, local crime lord Gino Salito has taken an interest in Mott.  Mott’s empty life begins to fill up with an unexpected and rag-tag group of people, and she’s afraid her dangerous life will take them away, leaving her alone once again. ​ ​ In truth, it’s Mott’s life that may be the one at risk. She’ll have to hope that blood isn’t always thicker than water.