​Kim Mullican - Author



      A lot has happened in 2014 and I'm ending the year with a bang. 

      In 2014, I was part of the ANFVlogRing YouTube channel. I had to step aside as the weekly recording schedule just didn't fit into my life at the moment. This is a group of awesome nerdfighters that I am proud to call friends. 

​      My own channel has been my red-headed step-child as of late, due to working 16 hour days on writing, editing, and a commitment which I'll address below. 

     I released Thicker Than Water and Running out of Time this year with the help of some really fantastic editors, critters and other allies. Running out of Time has really great artwork done by Ghost of Nations Photography.  You should go ahead and click on over there. Jim is amazing.

     Now to the 800 pound gorilla. At the upper right hand corner, you'll notice a button for Syn Publishing. Syn is my baby. You can find out all about Syn by clicking on the magic button. 

     Feel free to peruse. I've revamped my site a bit and hope you like what you see.